About Us

Serving Local Governments for Over 40 Years

NDC has served hundreds of local governments in California, Arizona and Nevada since our founding in 1979. While primarily focused on California, Arizona and Nevada, NDC has performed work in all regions of the country, serving clients as varied as community service districts, water districts, health care districts, airport districts, school districts, cities, counties, and states.

With over 375 successfully completed projects, NDC can easily say no company has been responsible for successfully districting and redistricting more local governments.

NDC is nationally recognized as a pioneer in good government districting and redistricting. As a non-partisan firm, NDC is focused on guiding our clients through the process of their projects, while leaving the final policy choices to the residents, staff and elected leaders of our client jurisdictions.

NDC personnel are nationally recognized as leaders in the districting field, and are responsible for numerous books and articles on the subject. Company principals are frequently asked to speak at local and national redistricting conferences, and have been interviewed on CNN, Fox News, Public Television, Local TV News, public radio, and for hundreds of newspaper articles:

Your NDC Team:

President Douglas Johnson

Vice President Justin Levitt

Senior Consultant Shalice Tilton

Senior Consultant Robert McEntire

Senior Consultant Jeff Tilton

Consultant Shannon Kelly

Consultant Kristen Parks

Consultant Daniel Phillips

Consultant Ivy Beller Sakansky

Consultant Jeff Simonetti

Consultant Todd Tatum

Consultant Douglas Yoakam