California local governments are in the midst of an historic shift in how leaders are elected. Since the Progressive Movement of the early 1900s, at-large elections were the election system for well over 90% of California local governments. But now that is changing rapidly.

Hundreds of local jurisdictions have switched to by-district elections for their city council, school board or board of directors. Many have considered, and a few have tried, other systems such a ranked choice voting (with or without districts), cumulative voting and other alternatives.

Virtually all the speakers on this topic are advocates and acolytes of their preferred system, leaving local governments few options for expert, unbiased analysis of the options.

NDC is here to help. Our agenda is to provide balanced, fact-based advice to local governments. No agenda, no advocacy or preference for any one option over another. NDC can share the advantages and disadvantages of each election system. Our analysis covers the changes each option brings to voting and the often ignored (but perhaps even more important) question of what changes each option brings to policies and governance.

The times are changing quickly for local governments. Turn to NDC for expert, unbiased guidance as your local government explores this new world.