Districting & Redistricting

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Nationally recognized as a pioneer in good government districting and redistricting, NDC is especially experienced in working with local jurisdictions in California, Arizona and Nevada. With over 150 successful county, city, school district, water district, and special district districting and redistricting projects completed, NDC is, by far, responsible for successfully districting and redistricting more local governments than any other firm.

Over the last 34 years, NDC has successfully guided clients nationwide through every aspect of the districting and redistricting process.  We have a unique combination of expertise in the Federal and California Voting Rights Act requirements, the technical challenges of districting, and in public education and outreach on these issues.

If your county, city, school district, water district, or special district is considering redistricting or contemplating a move from at-large to by-district and from-district election systems, contact NDC today. 

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