Doug Johnson and his staff were absolutely outstanding! They were always very responsive to whatever requests we made. Their desire was to always serve us. Throughout the process, Doug was impartial and unbiased. He never seemed to have an agenda other than to make us happy. His demeanor and actions was always polite, courteous, professional and productive.

Josh Hall, Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

I have worked on Congressional, Legislative, Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City redistricting maps on behalf of the Latino Caucus and grassroots Latino organizations for over 30 years. Douglas Johnson is one of the top redistricting experts in California, and he is who I would pick to draw a map for me anywhere in the state.

Alan Clayton, Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Chicano Employees Association (retired)

Thank you for all of your hard work, assistance, and patience with me during this year of CVRA conversion to by-area trustee elections. Your continual reassurance and support in dealing with all of the details was sincerely appreciated.  We all have jobs to do, but when working with all of you I felt that you always went the extra mile to support our District with excellent customer service.  The multiple revisions, extra conference calls, and follow up suggestions made a difference to Scott, Linda, and me.  I personally enjoyed joking around with each of you while remaining professional in all presentations. It was a pleasure working with all of you.

Jennifer Williams, Ed. D., Fullerton Joint Union High School District, Executive Director Administrative Services

In addition to his technical expertise, Doug had a keen sense of how to help us navigate the complexities of the process. He understands redistricting better than any person I know. He has a unique ability to synthesize that which is very complicated and make it very understandable for the public. He frequently would present various options, without representing any position, clearly delineating the differences and challenges of each option in a clear and succinct manner.

Josh Hall, Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

It was a great pleasure to work with Doug Johnson and NDC during the first Independent redistricting effort in Arizona. Doug and his staff were professional, efficient, responsive, and even-handed. They listened very carefully to the instructions given by the commission and performed each mapping task without bias of any kind. I would highly recommend NDC to any jurisdiction, or commission, wishing to have a successful redistricting process.

Steven W. Lynn, Chair, Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

One of the first, and in retrospect one of the best, decisions made by our commission was to hire Douglas Johnson and his colleagues at National Demographics Corporation as our primary consultants. I have never had the opportunity to work with a more highly qualified, hard-working, dedicated, professional and classy individual or group than Mr. Johnson and his associates at NDC.

Jim Huntwork, Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

The excel spreadsheet is a fantastic tool. Just plug in the letter by district and on the tab see a running total of the population by the assigned district. It’s cool!

Modesto Resident, Public Comment during Modesto 2008 districting

When it came to the nuts and bolts of redistricting, Doug’s technical knowledge and expertise were without match. When comparing the analysis completed by Doug and his staff, to that of other consultants representing special interests, the difference was often dramatic in the level of depth and detail.

Josh Hall, Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission