NDC participates in many conferences and seminars as expert panelists, moderators, lecturers, and keynote speakers. Click the buttons below to view NDC’s expert panel appearances for multiple agencies.

National and Arizona

California Speaking Engagements

  • 2021, Redistricting: The Rules Have Changed
  • 2015, The California Voting Rights Act
  • 2012 Government Leadership Summit, Navigating Public Policy
  • 2017 Personnel Administrators Academy, Lecture
  • 2019 Annual Conference, Transitioning to By-Trustee-Areas Elections
  • 2018 Annual Conference, Keeping Your Board Onboard: Effective Strategies for Business Leaders When Working with their Elected Officials
  • 2017 Chief Business Officer Symposium, The Budget and LCAP Integration at the District Level
  • 2016 Annual Conference, Maximizing and Linking Your Bond, Capital Facilities and M&O Programs, Linking Your Bond, Maintenance and Operations Programs: Best Practices to Stretch Limited Resources and Evolution of the role of the Chief Business Officer
  • 1997-2004, “Nuts & Bolts” Education Institute
  • 1998 Annual Conference, Charting Your Course – The Role, Responsibilities, and Duties of the City Clerk
  • 2018, Voter Districts: The Link Between Strong Community Engagement and a Successful Process
  • 2017, 15 Years with the California Voting Rights Act: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead
  • 2015, The California Voting Rights Act: What Board Members Must Know
  • 2009, Litigation Issues and the California Voting Rights Act
  • 2022 Board Secretary/Clerk Conference, Into the Tsunami: The California Voting Rights Act, Redistricting and Board Elections
  • 2020 Annual Conference, Voting Rights Act Challenge Factors
  • 2019 Annual Conference, District Elections and the California Voting Rights Act
  • 2018 Annual Conference, Converting From At-Large to By-District Elections Under the California Voting Rights Act
  • 2020 Executive Forum, Coping with the New Reality of By-District Elections
  • 2020 City Clerk Department, 2021 Redistricting Is Here – And the Rules Have Changed Again
  • 2019 City Manager Department, CVRA and the Profound Impact on Local Governance
  • 2019 City Clerk Department, Transitioning From At-Large to By-District Elections: A Practical Guide for City Clerks
  • 2019 City Clerk Department, Redistricting 101 for Municipalities
  • 2018 Executive Forum, Moderator: The California Voting Rights Act and the District-Drawing Process
  • 2018 City Attorney Department, The California Voting Rights Act: Recent Legislation & Litigation Outcomes
  • 2018 City Clerk Department, Keynote: California Voting Rights Act – Transitioning From At‐Large To By‐District Elections: A Practical Guide For City Clerks
  • 2017 City Clerk Department, California Voting Rights Act: Putting the 2016 Legislation into Practice
  • 2016 Inland Empire Chapter, The California Voting Rights Act and Districting: The Demographer’s Perspective
  • 2015 City Manager Department, Opportunity to Engage Residents: The California Voting Rights Act
  • 2014 City Clerk Department, Whose Line Is It Anyway: Making the transition from at-large to by-district elections
  • 2008 New Law and Election Seminar, The Rewards of Being a Fearless City Clerk
  • 2008 Executive Forum, Technology and Electronic Media and the Public Records Act
  • 2006 General Meeting, Introduction to the California Voting Rights Act
  • 2003 New Law and Election Seminar, The Art of Preparing Minutes and Crafting Agenda Reports
  • 2018, Burbank and Glendale Chapter, Keynote: Town Hall meeting on SB415 (The California Voter Participation Rights Act)
  • 2020 Conference, 2021 Redistricting: New Rules for California Local Governments

National and Arizona Speaking Engagements

  • 2010 Seminar,  Redistricting Law and the Voting Rights Act: What It Means for Your City or Town in 2011
  • 2006  Conference, Building a National Reform Movement
  • 2011 Winter Forum, Citizen Voting Age Data from a line-drawer’s viewpoint
  • 2010 Spring Forum, Communities of Interest in Redistricting: A key to drawing 2011 plans (and for their defense)
  • 2009 Fall Forum, The Key to Successful Redistricting
  • 2008 Spring Forum, Communities of Interest In Redistricting: A Practical Guide
  • 2010 Conference, Communities of interest and technology in redistricting
  • 2006 Symposium, Redistricting