Be a part of National Demographic Corporation’s (NDC) Project 2031 to receive demographic data reports each year, plus an annual newsletter covering Census, redistricting and demographics news!

When you sign up for Project 2031, you also guarantee NDC’s availability to assist during the 2031 redistricting cycle – with half of Project 2031 retainer fees credited toward the jurisdiction’s 2031 redistricting work with NDC.

What You’ll Receive:

The Census Bureau typically releases American Community Survey (ACS) and Citizen Voting Age Population Special Tabulation demographic updates twice a year. After each Census data release, NDC will provide Project 2031 clients with the data for the client jurisdiction as a whole and for each election district in the jurisdiction. The Project 2031 report will include comparisons to 2020, the previous year and to the rate of change in the county and in the state.

The ACS reports will include total population and socio-economic data, such as race and ethnicity; language spoken at home; English fluency; household income; renters vs homeowners; age; immigrants; single-family vs multi-family housing residents; and percentage of families with a child living in the home.

If your jurisdiction is at-large, this data can guide a potential decision on whether to shift to by-district elections.

If your district already uses by-district elections, these data reports display the demographic changes occurring within your jurisdiction.

The annual newsletter will include information on how your jurisdiction can address any problems or errors in the 2020 Census data, and how your jurisdiction can ensure a more accurate count in the 2030 Census. With the Federal government providing the state, county and local governments an estimated $2,000 per year per person based on the Census count, even small errors can quickly cost significant amounts of money.

In 2021, many jurisdictions discovered the time crunch caused by delayed Census data meant experienced redistricting demographers were unable to take on last-minute clients. When you sign up for Project 2031, you guarantee NDC’s availability to assist during the 2031 redistricting cycle.

Best of all, one-half of the annual retainer fees will be credited toward your jurisdiction’s 2031 redistricting project. The annual retainer fees are $1,000 per year for school districts and $1,500 per year for a county, city or special district.

Interested in Project 2031?

Let us know if you want to learn more by filling out this form or contacting NDC directly at or (818) 254-1221.