Updated Counts of CVRA-Driven Changes

195 is NDC’s latest tally of California jurisdictions changing to by-district elections as a result of the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA):

131 school districts,
28 cities,
1 county,
27 community college districts, and
8 other special districts.

These counts includes jurisdictions that have completed the process and those currently in the process. NDC has assisted 104 of them, including 24 of the 28 cities and 69 school districts. All of us at NDC appreciate the many jurisdictions that have partnered with NDC on this change process.

NDC is happy to help your jurisdiction too: if you have questions about CVRA; if you want to evaluate whether your jurisdiction needs to change to avoid a CVRA lawsuit; or if your jurisdiction is ready to make the change, please contact us today.

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