Over the past several months, various bills have passed through the California Governor’s Office that will hamstring local elected officials’ redistricting power. On September 18, 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom approved Assembly Bill (AB) 2030, AB 2494 and AB 1307, involving Fresno, Kern, and Riverside counties respectively.

Despite heavy opposition from the California State Association of Counties and from the impacted counties, the state legislature and Governor Newsom imposed state-dictated and partisanship-focused redistricting commissions on these counties, removing local control of county supervisor elections.

The new laws follow earlier bills that imposed state-mandated commissions on the Los Angeles and San Diego counties. The bills for those two counties took effect before the 2021 redistricting cycle.

While these bills purport to be beneficial to local residents, they impose state mandates that ultimately take power away from local voters. While there have been district-related controversies in each of the affected counties, experts at National Demographics Corporation (NDC) agree that bills like AB 2030, AB 2494 and AB 1307 remove local control and impose state-created and partisanship-focused redistricting commissions.

For further information on each of the bills, refer to the direct language of Fresno’s AB 2030, Kern’s AB 2494, and Riverside’s AB 1307.

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