National Demographics Corporation (NDC) is pleased to confirm that it has moved forward with a sponsorship for the California State Association of Counties (CSAC).

The CSAC Partnership Program will provide an opportunity for NDC to collaborate with public officials to address current and future issues facing counties. NDC aims to continue to foster our relationship with public entities, and this sponsorship program represents a great opportunity for our team to correspond and connect with new clients. 

“I could not be more excited to begin this partnership with CSAC,” said NDC President Douglas Johnson. “NDC continues to collaborate with local leaders around California to address their demographic and election-related needs, and we look forward to working with our county partners for years to come.”

About the California State Association of Counties

The primary purpose of CSAC is to represent county government before the California Legislature, administrative agencies and the federal government. CSAC places a strong emphasis on educating the public about the value and need for county programs and services.

While California’s 58 counties – ranging from Alpine with a little more than 1,000 people, to Los Angeles with more than 10 million – are diverse, many common issues exist. CSAC’s long-term objective is to significantly improve the fiscal health of all California counties so they can adequately meet the demand for vital public programs and services.

CSAC is proud to represent the counties of California. With continuing member involvement and staff commitment, we are refining and expanding programs and services that will ensure the success of counties well into the future as the closest level of government to the people.

About NDC

National Demographics Corporation (NDC) is a pioneer in demographic analysis, districting and redistricting. Distinctly non-partisan, NDC guides the process, provides best-in-class tools, and empowers the community, while leaving the key policy choices to residents, staff and elected leaders. NDC’s services include districting, redistricting, Voting Rights Act and demographic analysis, and coordination with the Census Bureau on data and geography. NDC’s clients include states, counties, cities, school districts, community college districts, community service districts, water districts, health care districts, airport districts and more. With over 450 completed projects, NDC has successfully delivered on more districting and redistricting projects than any other firm in America.