National Demographics Corporation (NDC) Vice President Justin Levitt is approaching his twenty-year anniversary with NDC, so let’s get to know more about Justin!

Justin Levitt earned his PhD in Political Science in 2016 from the University of California at San Diego. His dissertation, “Beyond the Circle: Geographic Constraints on Tradeoffs in Redistricting,” emphasizes the importance of physical geography and population clustering in shaping tradeoffs in redistricting. His research focused on the relationship between geography and political outcomes, with a focus on state and local governance. In addition to his work on redistricting, he also contributed to research evaluating the relationship between remoteness and public health as a Graduate Research Fellow at the Center for US-Mexico Studies.

“Having worked at NDC since 2003, I can confidently say that our work has continually fulfilled my professional goals,” said Justin. “I’m proud to have helped a multitude of communities understand the rules and regulations of districting while simultaneously empowering them to design the best districts for their jurisdiction.”

Before graduate school, Justin graduated with Cum Laude honors from Claremont McKenna College (CMC) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics in 2006. Justin’s senior thesis is entitled “Applying Redistricting Methods from the Commonwealth to the United States” and started working for NDC as an undergraduate. Just like NDC President Douglas Johnson, Justin learned the redistricting trade as a Research Assistant at CMC’s Rose Institute for State and Local Government.

“Justin has been a stellar employee and leader at NDC for countless years. Clients praise Justin often for his dedication, outstanding knowledge about districting and redistricting, and his skill at working with staff and elected leaders,” said Douglas, noting Justin’s work on well over 100 districting and redistricting projects so far.

About the National Demographics Corporation:

National Demographics Corporation (NDC) is a pioneer in demographic analysis, districting and redistricting. Distinctly non-partisan, NDC guides the process, provides best-in-class tools, and empowers the community, while leaving the key policy choices to residents, staff and elected leaders. NDC’s services include districting, redistricting, Voting Rights Act and demographic analysis, and coordination with the Census Bureau on data and geography. NDC’s clients include states, counties, cities, school districts, community college districts, community service districts, water districts, health care districts, airport districts and more. With over 450 completed projects, NDC has successfully delivered on more districting and redistricting projects than any other firm in America.