La Palma Successfully Adopts Council Election DistrictsOn October 4th, the City of La Palma, with the help of the National Demographics Corporation (NDC), successfully adopted Public Draft Map 112 as their new City Council election districts map. Starting in 2024, La Palma voters will elect Councilmembers by-district instead of citywide.

“NDC was honored when asked to assist La Palma with their shift to by-district elections,” said NDC Vice President Justin Levitt. “We experienced an impressive amount of resident participation in our public hearings, and the districting process went smoothly.”

From the first hearing in May to adoption of the map in October, the districting process reflected the hard work and dedication of residents, city staff, councilmembers, and NDC. The City hosted five formal public hearings and a NDC-led community workshop that focused on helping interested residents use the public map-drawing tools.

“The community appreciated the openness and professionalism of Justin and the entire NDC team during our public outreach efforts,” said City of La Palma Assistant to the City Manager Joseph Cisneros. “ The speed and knowledge with which NDC worked allowed our public officials to successfully implement the structure needed for our first by-district elections in 2024.”

About La Palma
La Palma is a well balanced city, which prides itself on a responsive municipal government and a strong sense of community. With one of the lowest crime rates in Orange County, La Palma is a place where residents can rest easy and enjoy hometown living.

About NDC
National Demographics Corporation (NDC) is a pioneer in demographic analysis, districting and redistricting. Distinctly non-partisan, NDC guides the process, provides best-in-class tools, and empowers the community, while leaving the key policy choices to residents, staff and elected leaders. NDC’s services include districting, redistricting, Voting Rights Act and demographic analysis, and coordination with the Census Bureau on data and geography. NDC’s clients include states, counties, cities, school districts, community college districts, community service districts, water districts, health care districts, airport districts and more. With over 450 completed projects, NDC has successfully delivered on more districting and redistricting projects than any other firm in America.