On September 6th, the City of Dublin completed its shift to by-district City Council elections. By-district elections will begin with the 2024 City Council election.

After the two preliminary map drawing hearings, the City Council favored Public Map 112 but requested National Demographics Corporation’s (NDC) support in providing some variations and modifications to the map. A

modified version was selected, and the Council voted to hold 2024 elections in districts one and three, while districts two and four will elect in 2026. The Mayor will continue to be elected citywide every two years.

“NDC was an integral part of the City of Dublin’s transition to district-based elections,” said City of Dublin Assistant to the City Manager John Stefanski. “Their implementation of community participation and mapping toolkits, and their knowledge of the regulations and requirements, made the process as smooth as possible for the City. I am confident that our residents appreciated their insight and guidance through the map-drawing process.”

The City of Dublin’s districting process shows that as each city finds its way through districting, the NDC team is prepared to embrace and enhance each City’s project.

About NDC

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