In 2019, California passed Assembly Bill 849, also known as the Fair and Inclusive Redistricting for Municipalities and Political Subdivisions (FAIR MAPS) Act. This act aims to increase community input in the local redistricting process by requiring cities and counties to engage their communities in the redistricting process using public forums, community hearings, websites and general public outreach. 

The City of Anaheim’s newly adopted district map serves as a perfect example of National Demographic Corporation’s (NDC) work in redistricting. Through their collaboration with a public outreach firm and NDC, the City navigated the FAIR MAPS Act with months of extensive outreach and community meetings. In its final decision meetings, the City Council took into account an abundance of community feedback, ultimately adopting a map drawn by a community member (Public Map 114) in March 2022.

“Anaheim’s success shows that publicly drawn maps can make a strong impact on the redistricting process,” said NDC Vice President Dr. Justin Levitt. “Our mission as a company continues to be redrawing districts without political bias while taking both Census data and client directions into account. The extensive requirements of the FAIR MAPS ACT generally encapsulate what our clients like Anaheim were already doing to engage their residents and successfully complete the redistricting process.” 

At a public hearing held on January 25, 2022, the Anaheim City Council narrowed the pool of maps to four distinct maps, most of which were drawn by residents. Although, the City Council also asked Dr. Levitt, serving as the City’s demographer, to create revised maps incorporating requests made by the public and City Council members in the public hearings.

“Justin and the team were unbelievably knowledgeable about the California redistricting requirements and process,” noted City of Anaheim City Clerk Theresa Bass. “They have a deep knowledge of the intricacies of the law, and the public mapping tools NDC provided were well received by the Anaheim community. This made the entire process more engaging and cooperative between the community and the Council.” 

The FAIR MAPS Act creates a complex road for any entity undergoing redistricting to follow. With its experience successfully guiding over 450 local government redistricting projects, NDC is ready with its expert team and wide knowledge of the law to help your jurisdiction navigate the districting or redistricting process.

About the National Demographics Corporation:

National Demographics Corporation (NDC) is a pioneer in demographic analysis, districting and redistricting. Distinctly non-partisan, NDC guides the process, provides best-in-class tools, and empowers the community, while leaving the key policy choices to residents, staff and elected leaders. NDC’s services include districting, redistricting, Voting Rights Act and demographic analysis, and coordination with the Census Bureau on data and geography. NDC’s clients include states, counties, cities, school districts, community college districts, community service districts, water districts, health care districts, airport districts and more. With over 450 completed projects, NDC has successfully delivered on more districting and redistricting projects than any other firm in America.