Fresno County Office of Education Mapping

The maps of districts and trustee areas are presented here in two formats for your review:

First is a link to an interactive map, where you can use the “Layers” check box in the upper left to choose whether you want to view Elementary School Districts, Secondary School Districts, Unified School Districts, or the County Office of Education Districts. All the districts of that type will be shown on the map.

The second option consists of district by district maps in PDF format. The map for each district is posted at the link below. These are natively formatted for 11″ x 17″ (“tabloid”) size printing and / or for viewing on your computer screen, so they may not fill the full page if printed 8.5″ x 11″.

Please either confirm the district and trustee area borders are correct, or send any revisions, to all of the following email addresses (please be sure to identify which district you represent when sending your message):,,,,,

If you have any questions, please contact either the GIS consultant, Douglas Johnson ( / 310-200-2058) or Ben Rosenbaum at the County Office of Education ( / 559-265-3003). Thank you.

Note: both the interactive and the PDF maps currently only show the Fresno County portion of each school district. We are working to include the out-of-county portions, but for now we are only asking that you review the Fresno County portion of your district.

Interactive Map link here

District by District PDF Maps:

1. Alvina Elementary
2. Big Creek Elementary
3. Burrel Union Elementary
4. Caruthers Unified
5. Central Unified
6. Clay Elementary
7. Clovis Unified
8. Coalinga-Huron Unified
9. Firebaugh-Las Deltas Unified
10. Fowler Unified
11. Fresno County Board of Education
12. Fresno Unified
13. Golden Plains Unified
14. Kerman Unified
15. Kings Canyon Unified
16. Kingsburg Elementary Charter School District
17. Kingsburg Joint Union High
18. Laton Unified
19. Mendota Unified
20. Monroe Elementary
21. Orange Center Elementary
22. Pacific Union Elementary
23. Parlier Unified
24. Pine Ridge Elementary
25. Raisin City Elementary
26. Riverdale Unified
27. Sanger Unified
28. Selma Unified
29. Sierra Unified
30. Washington Colony Elementary
31. Washington Unified
32. West Park Elementary
33. Westside Elementary