What can you do?

A proactive analysis of potential liability is a cost effective way to prevent otherwise unexpected lawsuits.  Potential liability depends on the demographics of your jurisdiction; the presence of polarized voting; and past voting for or against “protected class” candidates in the jurisdiction and in overlapping jurisdictions (such county and state elections).

NDC understands the difficult financial situation facing California local governments today. Our approach is efficient and minimizes the expense to our clients. If the initial demographic data makes clear whether or not a District faces liability, our work ends after that initial analysis with only minimal cost.

Only if the answer is not clear from the initial demographic analysis and the jurisdiction has the resources to consider fighting a CVRA challenge do we recommend the more expensive analysis of potential polarized voting in local elections.

In this step by step manner, we ensure that you receive the information needed to make an informed decision in the most cost-effective manner possible. At every step of the process NDC provides background information, puts the data in context, and answers any questions that may arise.

Our analysis will provide you with the confidence and legal protection that arises from using only the most up-to-date information available. There have been recent and significant changes in the old 2005-2009 data provided at the time of the 2011 redistricting.

While CVRA is extremely broad, not every jurisdiction is in violation. NDC will put your analysis in context compared to jurisdictions that have:

  1. faced lawsuits
  2. received CVRA challenge letters and moved to by-district elections
  3. received CVRA challenge letters and not switched (with no lawsuit filed, at least so far)
  4. not received a CVRA challenge letter so far.

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