NDC and the California Voting Right ACT (CVRA)

NDC is the leading demographic expert on the CVRA, having performed demographic assessments of potential CVRA liability for more than 300 California local governments.

Tulare, Madera Unified, Modesto, the City of Madera, Visalia, Compton, Escondido, Palmdale, San Mateo County, Anaheim and other jurisdictions all came to NDC for assistance when facing CVRA lawsuits. Hundreds of other jurisdictions came to NDC for analysis of potential liability before the plaintiffs appeared.

The 2002 passage of the California Voting Rights Act triggered a “quiet tsunami” of change in local government elections. So far CVRA led to election system changes in:

  • 216 school districts
  • 34 community college districts
  • 137 cities
  • 1 County Board of Supervisors (all counties are now by-district)
  • 35 water and other special districts

To put the scale of change in context, prior to 2002 only 29 of California’s 482 cities elected Councilmembers by-district. In less than 20 years, that number jumped to over 160. (Numbers last updated May 20, 2020.)

NDC President Douglas Johnson has served as an expert witness or consultant in prominent CRVA cases such as Jauregui v. Palmdale (2013). He has been a speaker on the CVRA at conferences of the California School Board Association, the California Latino School Board Member Association, the California League of Cities, and other state and national conferences on redistricting and the Federal and California Voting Rights Acts.

NDC welcomes the opportunity to assist your jurisdiction with low-cost analysis of potential CVRA liability. Our unmatched experience provides ‘real world’ insights into what plaintiffs claim and how such cases proceed, both in court and in the court of public opinion.