Palmdale, Santa Clara and Santa Monica went to trial on the merits. All three lost at trial, though Santa Monica and Santa Clara are appealing.

A Poway resident’s federal court challenge against the constitutionality of the CVRA is also pending.

Santa Monica has spent somewhere between $7 million and $10 million on its defense, and plaintiffs requested $22 million in legal fees for the initial trial.

Santa Clara has spent over $1 million on its defense, and plaintiffs were awarded $3 million for the initial trial (though payment is on hold pending the results of the appeal).

Palmdale: paid plaintiff attorneys $4.7 million (and spent nearly $2 million on its defense)

Modesto: paid $3 million (and spent nearly $2 million on its defense)
Highland: $1.3 million
Anaheim: $1.1 million
Whittier: $1 million
Santa Clarita: $600,000
Santa Barbara: $600,000
Tulare Hospital: $500,000
Camarillo: $233,000
Compton Unified: $200,000
Madera Unified: about $170,000
Hanford Joint Union Schools: $118,000
Merced City: $42,000

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Pending: Sulphur Springs School District

No amounts for this case have been reported. The College of the Canyons and the Sulphur Springs School District were added to the list of Santa Clarita Valley municipal agencies sued by two law firms for allegedly hosting election systems that dilute the Latino vote, says The Santa Clarita Valley Signal.  The plaintiffs claim that the […]

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