Palmdale, Santa Clara and Santa Monica went to trial on the merits. All three lost at trial, though Santa Monica and Santa Clara are appealing.

A Poway resident’s federal court challenge against the constitutionality of the CVRA is also pending.

Santa Monica has spent somewhere between $7 million and $10 million on its defense, and plaintiffs requested $22 million in legal fees for the initial trial.

Santa Clara has spent over $1 million on its defense, and plaintiffs were awarded $3 million for the initial trial (though payment is on hold pending the results of the appeal).

Palmdale: paid plaintiff attorneys $4.7 million (and spent nearly $2 million on its defense)

Modesto: paid $3 million (and spent nearly $2 million on its defense)
Highland: $1.3 million
Anaheim: $1.1 million
Whittier: $1 million
Santa Clarita: $600,000
Santa Barbara: $600,000
Tulare Hospital: $500,000
Camarillo: $233,000
Compton Unified: $200,000
Madera Unified: about $170,000
Hanford Joint Union Schools: $118,000
Merced City: $42,000

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Settled: Compton Community College District ($40,000)

In an arranged “friendly” lawsuit, the District paid $40,000 to plaintiffs. At the January 17, 2012 Board meeting, the Special Trustee for the Compton Community College District (CCCD) appointed five individuals to serve on the Redistricting Committee. The committee is an important part of the CCCD’s overall redistricting process. At the May 16, 2012 Board of […]

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Settled: Modesto ($3 million + $1.7 million)

Modesto paid a reported $3 million to plaintiffs and $1.7 million to its own legal team to settle its case. From the Santa Clara Weekly: Nearly ten years after the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA) was passed into law, CVRA lawsuits and threats of lawsuits have cost California taxpayers over $8 million. When the 2002 law […]

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Settled: Escondido ($385,000 + $200,000)

The City paid plaintiffs $385,000 and paid its own legal team a reported $200,000. The Escondido City Council and Plaintiffs have agreed to a settlement of a lawsuit requiring City Council members to represent specific geographic areas.  The material terms of the settlement will be presented to the court at a status conference which is […]

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Pending: Santa Clarita

No amounts for this case have been reported. The Santa Clarita City Council has voted to fight back over a lawsuit alleging the city’s system for electing council members prevents Latino voters from having full access to the political process. Following a special meeting Tuesday afternoon, City Attorney Joseph Montes said the council had agreed […]

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Settled: Madera Unified ($162,500)

Plaintiffs requested $1.8 million in fees, but the judge reduced the award to “only” $162,500 (and the District had to pay its own legal team) From the Associated Press: A Madera County judge slashed more than $1.6 million from legal fees sought by attorneys who filed a lawsuit against a school district over the way […]

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Settled: Hanford Unified ($110,000)

The District paid plaintiffs $110,000, and the District had to pay its own legal team. As the nation’s legislatures get set for what is sure to be a bruising battle over redistricting, California is facing its own specific electoral problems that will undoubtedly lead to a wave of costly lawsuits. While numerous states have to […]

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Settled: ABC Unified ($140,000)

A school district in southeastern Los Angeles County is illegally diluting the voting clout of Latinos and barring them from elective office by using an at-large electoral system for school board races, according to a lawsuit filed this week. No Latino has been elected to the seven-member board in the ABC Unified School District since […]

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Pending: Whittier

No amounts for this case have been reported. The Whittier Latino Coalition is delaying its threatened lawsuit against the city over alleged violation of the California Voting Rights Act lawsuit, a spokesman said Tuesday. The group had originally set July 17 as its deadline for the city to commit to district elections or face legal action. Continue […]

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