Palmdale, Santa Clara and Santa Monica went to trial on the merits. All three lost at trial, though Santa Monica and Santa Clara are appealing.

A Poway resident’s federal court challenge against the constitutionality of the CVRA is also pending.

Santa Monica has spent somewhere between $7 million and $10 million on its defense, and plaintiffs requested $22 million in legal fees for the initial trial.

Santa Clara has spent over $1 million on its defense, and plaintiffs were awarded $3 million for the initial trial (though payment is on hold pending the results of the appeal).

Palmdale: paid plaintiff attorneys $4.7 million (and spent nearly $2 million on its defense)

Modesto: paid $3 million (and spent nearly $2 million on its defense)
Highland: $1.3 million
Anaheim: $1.1 million
Whittier: $1 million
Santa Clarita: $600,000
Santa Barbara: $600,000
Tulare Hospital: $500,000
Camarillo: $233,000
Compton Unified: $200,000
Madera Unified: about $170,000
Hanford Joint Union Schools: $118,000
Merced City: $42,000

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