GIS Mapping

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For local governments, mapping data is the new frontier for innovation and cost-effective improvements in service. Accurate mapping can ensure voters get the right ballots in each election; ensure accurate population counts by the US Census lead to the proper allocation of federal program money to the jurisdiction; and enable the public to understand and participate in their community through activities such as reporting crimes, wild animal sightings, graffiti clean up requests, and the like.

NDC’s experience in GIS and online mapping can help.

NDC’s primary focus is on assisting county registrars and city clerks with election-related mapping of voters, precincts, ballot types, and live-precinct-by-precinct election night result reporting.

NDC also acts as liaison between the Census Bureau and local jurisdictions, updating Census maps to ensure accurate population counts (and the dollars that come with them). NDC can assist with LUCA, BBSP, or any of the other “alphabet soup” list of Census geography partnership programs – each of which leads to better geographic data and a more accurate population count.

Finally, NDC can assist with online mapping (both Google Maps and ArcGIS Online), which enables jurisdictions to share internal data with their constituents, and to gather input and ideas from those constituents.

Whether your jurisdiction seeks assistance for your internal GIS team or to completely outsource the work, NDC is ready and willing to help.