More About Districting and Redistricting

From Fort Bragg to San Diego, from Santa Cruz to Las Vegas, and from Inglewood to Scottsdale, NDC serves local government clients of all types across California, Arizona and Nevada.

Districting and redistricting do not have to cause difficult, distracting political and legal battles.

Without experienced and impartial management, the districting process can rapidly devolve into accusations of hidden agendas and favoritism.

NDC’s most valuable service is the firm’s experience transforming often-contentious and passionate debates into thoughtful, constructive discussions focused on options and outcomes rather than individual personalities or positions. We pioneered the “transparent districting” approach, which involves and guides the public at every stage of the process.

Our innovative tools and methods encourage public involvement in the process, such as “public participation kits” and online mapping tools that enable every resident to draw their own proposal at their own kitchen table, and NDC’s exclusive online redistricting tools provide every resident with the power to draw their own lines.

Our philosophy of “NDC expertise, local decision making” embraces projects where resident-drawn maps are adopted — though of course we are here to to provide ideas and smooth out rough edges as needed.

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